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Big Data

Nowadays, enterprises face the challenge of having to evaluate information flowing in from numerous sources, and simultaneously deal with their existing BI systems and big data. Our consultants at b.telligent are not tied to any technology, count on our support to evaluate, select, and implement custom big data solutions matched to your particular needs. We will empower you to apply the data and your experience to continue functioning in your market, and will work with you to pave the way for your long-term growth.

What is Big Data and for what Purposes is it needed?

The term big data describes very large volumes of data/information generated by customers or machines, which enterprises collect from diverse sources like sensors, RFID systems, smartphones, and social media apps. Rely on us to structure your data that serve as a spring board for a big competitive head start.

Big Data: Volume, Velocity und Variety

The masses of data are rarely considered in reports

Although almost all big enterprises store these masses of data, they are almost never considered for data analysis or reporting. Attempting to control the unstructured volumes of data via databases fails, mostly because systems perform poorly and the results are inadequate.

Arm yourself with futuristic big data technologies

Deploying big data technologies allows you to stay on par with the rapid rise in the volumes of data and their variety down the road. Moreover, you’ll be able to work in a highly-scalable, futuristic environment whose cost-benefit ratio remains well-balanced.

Optimize data-driven processes with the help of big data analytics

The challenge for companies in all industries is not only to store the ever-increasing volumes of data as before, but also to manage and evaluate it so that it can then be used for the holistic optimization of all business processes. It goes without saying that data quality and quality management play a particularly important role in evaluation, especially because of the large amount of data.

The world of Big Data analytics solutions

Traditional data warehouses as well as advanced analytics, which include predictive analytics, machine learning as well as data mining, usually no longer meet the requirements for processing unstructured data. A new class of Big Data technologies is ready for you today. These include:

Securing competitive advantages with Big Data analytics

Using Big Data analytics, employees from the data science field are able to analyse even data sources that are not taken into account by traditional BI solutions. Moreover, using Big Data analytics, companies can analyse large data quantities for hidden correlations and for information that is helpful for business success, thanks to which well-founded business decisions can be made. In this way, companies are able to secure increased competitive advantages for themselves over their rivals.

Smart Implementation of Big-Data Architectures into existing Landscapes

Whether beginners in the development of a Big Data infrastructure or experienced companies with existing clusters - from an architecture perspective – in the rapidly developing Big Data industry all projects face the challenge of selecting a system architecture that meets the individual requirements of a company.
The Big Data experts from b.telligent support you in the cross-manufacturer selection of Big Data architectures and tools, regardless of whether you opt for Hadoop architectures (MapReduce), cloud computing-based solutions, post-Lambda approaches or hybrid architectures.

Integration into the existing infrastructure

The new opportunities and chances resulting from Big Data are not to be seen as competition to already existing technologies or as their replacement, but rather are to be integrated and embedded as harmoniously and intelligently as possible into the existing system landscape. For companies, this means dealing with the different challenges of the innovative technologies, processes and qualifications associated with Big Data in such a way that tried-and-tested systems and processes are neither endangered nor have to be completely redeveloped. Thus, in future, a combination of tried-and-tested and new technologies will be used in many companies to provide Big Data solutions. Thanks to the advanced technologies already available in many companies, a gradual transition to a Big Data solution or integration with Big Data techniques is no longer a problem.

Customer-oriented Marketing activities with Big Data Marketing

Even though the discussions about Big Data often revolve around technical matters, behind them there are revolutionary opportunities for customer relationship management. Using Big Data technologies, the marketing departments as well as the areas of sales and CRM in particular can filter out the information that is really relevant to them from the data quantities. They can then process it adequately and, based on the knowledge acquired from it, set up efficient marketing measures. The thus acquired view of the customer and customer behaviour makes it possible to understand their needs better, to improve customer management on a sustained basis and thus to obtain clear competitive advantages.


Agreement of Big Data Compliance Guidelines and Corporate Objectives

Another aspect not to be neglected in connection with Big Data is data protection conformity. BI compliance plays a particularly important role for us, since from the first step of data processing compliance with legal data protection provisions and technological requirements must be ensured. Thanks to the test procedure developed jointly by b.telligent and “SSH Rechtsanwälte”, we can reduce risks as well as discover and prevent errors at an early stage even in the case of a large amount of data.

Competitive Advantages thanks to the Consultation of Big-Data Experts

Is your company faced with unstructured and rapidly growing volumes of computer data? Then it is time for a targeted big-data strategy. As a technology-independent consultancy company for Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and CRM, b.telligent wants to support you with evaluation, selection and implementation of an innovative big-data solution that is tailored to your company’s requirements Our consultants are specialists for big-data analytics and data science and can call upon many years of experience in the areas of data integration, big-data architecture, as well as technology. The compliance with data-protection provisions are always adhered with of course, so to ensure that your company is optimally protected. A further element of our consultancy portfolio is the use of big-data for marketing campaigns. Don’t allow your masses of data lie dormant and unused in your data bases, ensure competitive advantages by getting expert big-data consultation from our expert big-data consultants.